Enjoy a Visit To Boracay

Boracay is famous for its white sand beaches and due to it this island is one of the first rate and premier tourist places in the Philippines. A lot of Pilipino travellers as well as foreigners like to spend their vocations in this tropical island in the southern region of the country. Due to the improving amenities that a lot of hotels and restaurants offer, a lot of tourists do not have the second thought to stay in Boracay for some months.

Boracay is located 315 km of Manila – the capital if Philippines – and two kilometres north of Panay Island and thus it is quite accessible to the various types of transportation. The length of Boracay is only 7 km and the land area of the island is 10.32 square kilometres. In Boracay there are three main barangays – Yapak, Manoc-Manoc and Balabag.

A lot of tourists travel to Boracay during the summer in order to enjoy its famous beaches. The most popular beach is While Beach. It has clear blue water that is like inviting people to have some sports as snorkelling or scuba diving. Manoc-Manoc Beach is famous for incredible scenic views in the island. Yapak Beach and Puka Shell Beach are famous because of the houses collections of attractive puka shells.

Balinghai Beach is the smallest beach of Boracay, but it is still quite suitable for people who want to have some relaxing and private moments with their beloved. The next beach is Diniwid Beach which is considered to be one of the best places in Boracay to have picnics and do different recreational activities as snorkelling.

In Boracay you are able to find some outstanding, first class resorts and hotels. Today Boracay is able to offer accommodations for different budgets, thus surely you will find something for you. As a rule, hotels and resorts offer complete amenities for their visitors including air condition, fridge and mini bar. As well every hotel and resort offers a lot of recreational facilities like sauna and swimming pools.

If you are not tough in budget and can afford spend more money on your vocation, then it is better to choose some of the most famous hotels or resorts to stay in. As a rule these more expensive resorts and hotels offer you mini kitchen and Jacuzzi together with fully air conditioning and coloured TV sets with cable connection in every room.

With all these recreational and commercial establishments, Boracay is surely one of the best tourist places in the Philippines. If you want to have really memorable travel experience to Boracay, it is better to search for resort and hotel that offer remarkable and affordable travel packages. Making advanced reservation, you are able to save your time and enjoy your incredible stay in the island.

Today our world is the world of rush affairs. Often work takes nearly all our time. But it cannot last forever! If you are bored with everything, then it is the right time to think of Boracay island Philippines.

Keep in mind that our world is the world of modern Internet technologies. It wouldn’t be smart not to avail oneself of the online network to search for the best Boracay beach resort at the best prices available on the market. Then use Google and other search engines and look for hotel Boracay, visit social networks, review related blogs and forums – all this will help you take a balanced decision.