Enjoy London Like a Local

Enjoy London Like a Local

If you are visiting London but fancy being like a native, there are some pointers to keep in mind. It is imperative that no matter which country you are visiting, you do not offend the local culture. And so, if your whim is to blend in, do it with some grace.

The first factor is your clothes. Don’t be consciously loud in them. Don’t wear too much touristy gear like capris and crocs.  Find out what is the average dressing style in the city, like, what do the locals wear on any normal day. Pack up accordingly.

Don’t walk around with a large professional camera around your neck. Don’t make it obvious that you are new to the place. Clicking pictures all round is not polite and may annoy ones around you. Keep your camera in your pocket or a bag that is not too conspicuous.

Strike up conversations when using public transport. Don’t push for too much information or be overfriendly. Be casual and you will be treated with warmth. Ask them what they normally do for fun and what they would suggest.

Don’t rely too much on a guide or guide book. Try hanging out at a café or pub and meeting locals. See what shows and plays they are talking about. And what they do to unwind after work. You might end up getting invited by them. And also, you might discover something that is not in the guide book.

Another idea is to read blogs written by Londoners. Blogs would feature informal information about their daily lives. You can pick what you think will suit you. You can also become their ‘follower’ online and leave comments or ask questions. This will work well for you if you are hesitant to approach people in person.

Catch up with other tourists at your hotel or hostel. Even of you have discovered something off the beaten path, maybe they have, especially the ones that have come before you. Alternatively, speak at the reception. If you tell them you are looking for something new, they might be able to help you.

Try out a play that seems to be running well in the city, go a little early so that you can talk to some of the theatre goers. There are some very interesting people to be found here. They might lead you to more such events.

Whatever you ultimately decide to do, ensure that you do not affront anyone, Try to blend in, but not too much.