Experience the Rhine in Luxury

Experience the Rhine in Luxury

When you travel in luxury through the Rhine, you will instantly see why this tranquil and enchanting river has inspired so many poets and artists through the ages, being at the heart of works such as Heine’s poem ‘Lorelei’. With a river cruise, you can glide through the unforgettable scenery either side of this beautiful body of water – scenery which encompasses ancient castles, ruined bridges, and lush countryside – as well as the famous statue of Lorelei herself. Simultaneously, you can sip on the chiffon like bubbles of a glass of fine champagne (or some Rhenish wine from the very valley that you are exploring) and perhaps enjoy a few gourmet treats as you take in the view.

Sights you can behold on a river cruise through the Rhine

Beginning in the Alps, the Rhine flows for 1, 233 kilometres before emptying itself into the North Sea. Along the spectacular Rhine valley, you will be able to view such historic edifices as the Cathedral at Worms (mentioned in ‘Hamlet’ and the cradle of the Reformation), the fountains of Mannheim and the fairy-tale waving treetops of the verdant Palatine Forest (which is a wonderful spot for a picnic, a hike, or a cycle trip if you are so inclined). The thermal spas at Weisbaden with its beautiful pinkish-rose buildings, the gorgeous 12th century Marksburg Castle which towers above the valley on a forested hill in the part of the valley that is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the wondrous Roman town of Boppard which dates back at least two millennia. It would be impossible to list all of the stunning attractions of the Rhine Valley: there are inspiring vistas and fascinating stopping points in all regions of the valley. The nearby towns such as Mainz, Koblenz, and Frankfurt also provide you with brilliant places to stay – and to explore further. Since you are planning to travel in luxury on a river cruise, you could also book yourself in to a luxury hotel for some spa treatments once you are back on land.

There is nothing like travelling on water

Why sit in a stuffy car or a rattling train when you could enjoy the fresh air of the river breeze and the comfort of a soft, luxury seat – a match made in heaven? Cruises along the Rhine get you right up close to the river and its marvellous surroundings. Enjoy the commentary from an expert guide, mingle with other passengers, or simply let your mind drift creatively as you sink into your sumptuous furnishings and gaze at the majesty of nature as it surrounds you on all sides. A cruise is much better than hiking or cycling as not only does it involve less strenuous effort on your part, it also enables you to see much more of the river in a single day thanks to the speedy yet smooth motion of your cruise vessel. There really is no other way to travel if you want to explore the Rhine in all its glory.

Book yourself a luxury cruise up on the Rhine today

Whether you want to celebrate your anniversary in style or simply treat yourself to a little pampering, there are luxury cruises on the astounding river Rhine to suit every type of traveller. Book your place today and, whether you go with friends or make new friends on the way, you can get ready for what is sure to be the adventure of a life time.

Image credit: Rolf Heinrich, Köln