How to get cheaper train tickets

How to get cheaper train tickets

Trains are a common means of transport with thousands of passengers travelling every day. But the increased fares create problems for some travellers and tourists. There are some effective ways that you can get train tickets at comparatively lower prices. You just need to put in some efforts and can save a few pounds. Purchasing cheap train tickets can become much easier if you go through the below points.

Book your tickets early

The prices of train are similar to that of an aeroplane. The earlier you book your tickets, the cheaper they will be. Last minute bookings can cost you even more than double the earlier price. In order to make prior bookings, you can contact various train companies, especially online and potentially save quite a lot of money.

Rewards programs

There are various train ticket companies that offer reward programs for their regular customers who travel more frequently. In addition to the reward programs, they also provide special offers and discounts to their regular customers for showing their loyalty. These incentives can involve the distribution of reward points to the customers which can be used to get discounted tickets. Collecting more points can help you in saving an ample amount against the price of future train journeys.

Avoid travelling in peak hours

Travelling during peak commuting hours like morning and evening when there is huge rush in the trains can cost you more. In order to save a considerable amount, you can change your schedule and travel in the off peak times which is often cheaper. If you wish to travel during peak hours, you can still save some money by booking early.

Book your tickets on-line 

When you get your tickets at the station direct from the ticket booth, it can also include additional booking and handling fees, so it is worth booking yourself on-line. Booking online also allows you to easily see all of the different trains available, so you can pick the one that best suits the rest of your journey. Sometimes booking return tickets can cost more than buying two one-way tickets, so be sure to check single and return fares.

Research on-line

On-line research serves as the best way to get the cheapest train tickets. There are several on-line booking service providers that offer tickets with discounts and special offers. You can go through various sites and note down the prices of the ticket for a particular route. No one website is the cheapest for all fares so it is worth checking several.

Image credit: Robert Pittman