London Hotels

London is not the city only of elaborate and boutique hotels. The city has several hotels that are reasonably priced. They are scattered at varied locations. The Internet will give you many alternatives that you can select from. Also city guides will give you a number of lodging names. You can always book well in advance over the phone or the Internet. This will give you much discount on rates.

London has the option of bed and breakfast too. They are much more personal and cozy. It does not have the bustle of a large hotel. They are more comfortable to those who are wary of the environment of a commercial hotel. They are far cheaper too, making it ideal for long stays. Among these are the Barry House, The Beaver, The County Hotel, etc. The Breakfast that we are talking about will give you a taste of authentic English breakfast in its full glory. Many of them are run by families and so have a friendly atmosphere.

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