Raise spending money for your holiday

Not everyone gets to go on holiday during the summer, especially if money has been tight or there have been over commitments.  If you find that money has been tight you can still enjoy a holiday. There are lots of special offers to be had, especially if you are not too fussy about where you want to go.

There are to expenses to holidays, the first of course is the actual holiday and the necessary travel insurance if you are going abroad. The second just as necessary; spending money! You just can’t enjoy a holiday without spending money. How could you buy loads of new clothes and souvenirs for your family and friends without it, and we all know that shopping is a big part of most holidays.

So you have sorted out a super deal on a holiday, how will you raise the cash for your spending money? If your holiday is more than a few weeks away you may be able to work more. I know we all want a holiday not to work even more! In the current financial climate over-time may not always be possible.

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