The Best Time to Visit Paris

The Best Time to Visit Paris

Paris at nightSeeing Paris is on just about everyone’s dream list. It is an overwhelming experience because of its distinct and rich culture. Below are some pointers helping you prepare for your visit there.

First consider what the best time in the year it is to visit the city. The famous adage may will you to see ‘Paris in springtime.’ But it tends to be very crowded around this time. Winter is just as good a time to see a Paris, this is when the Montmartre Wine Harvest happens and the city is lit up with festivities. The climate is quite romantic, despite the ice and you can enjoy the famous street cafés and their hot chocolates.  Because winters are not peak tourist season, you will be able to strike some good deals on flights and hotels. Do adequate research.

Also, the locals will be in a better mood. Having spent all their spring dealing with tourist and having their streets teeming with them, they are more laidback in winter. Taking a walk by Champs Elysees is far nicer.

August is a rather bad time to visit because most of Paris leaves for a month long vacation. As a result, many businesses and restaurants are closed down.

The following season after August is fall. It is also a good time to go because the weather is rather comfortable. This is right after the Parisian vacation time and everyone is refreshed.

Paris is very pulsating culturally. There are festivals and events happening all the time. Time your trip in correspondence with what appeals you the best. Varied kinds of occasions are organized throughout the year. Examples of their events are:

1)    Banlieues Bleus: the international jazz festival.

2)    Marathon de Paris: A road race tournament.

3)    Foire St-Germain: Poetry exhibitions and music concerts.

4)    Tour de France Cyclistes: the most famous cycling tournament.

5)    Festival d’Automne: A theatre and musical festival with participants from all over the world.

6)    Nouveau Festival International de Danse de Paris

7)     Mois de la Photo: Photography exhibitions

A great range of events will ensure that you are not disappointed with Paris. If you want local culture, try February with its concerts and exhibitions. Operas are in abundance at this time too. A sports lover can try April when the cycling and tennis tournaments happen, as does the Paris Marathon. The last quarter of the year has many art, music and dance shows lined up.

Whatever season you decide to visit Paris in, you will catch something or the other.