Top 10 Places to visit in Australia

Top 10 Places to visit in Australia

AustraliaYou are planning your trip for Australia then you would be definitely thinking how to plan your trip which you can remember lifetime. Australia is considered as biggest country than Europe or US. It is very important to plan your travel because to move to any place in Australia it will take whole day. Here is a list of top 10 places to visit in Australia.

First place which one should visit in Australia is Sydney. Sydney is most popularly known for Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Apart from this you can also visit markets here; you can see different flying foxes and enjoy good breakfast. You should also not forget to visit beaches.

Second nice place to visit is The Great Barrier Reef. Here, you have a chance to discover the whole new world. You can get amazing experience here. Here you can take part in snorkeling. You also enjoy swimming with lots of beautiful fishes and corals.

Third place in Australia to visit is Melbourne. This city is totally contrasted to Sydney. Here you can easily enjoy culture full of cafes, bars and food. You can here visit Yarra and do lots of shopping here. In this city you can get different designer boutiques and factory outlets.

Next place is the Red Centre and Ayers Rock. This is any expensive trip. This is a must place to visit. Best thing here is you can fly into Alice Springs. You can also take four wheel ride of Ayers Rock.

If you want to visit unspoiled area of Australia then you can discover Kimberley which is located in the top Western part of Australia. If you also love scenery from different movies then you can also visit this place. This is extremely beautiful place where you have a chance to cattle ranches.

Next place is a trip to An East Coast Road. Here you can hire a car or campervan and enjoy a beautiful trip to these roads. You can take a long drive from Melbourne to Noosa. Apart from this ride there are many more places to visit here.

If you are interested in doing some different and want to enjoy real world adventure then Fraser Island is a must see place. This island is totally designed with sand and you can enjoy a ride along the beaches. You can also enjoy camping on the beaches of this island.

Another place which is popularly known as walking zoo called Kangaroo Island. Here you have a great chance to see all animals with their natural habits. You can also find lots of Kangaroos here and also there are lots of Koalas. You can also find seals, penguins here.

Next destination of Australia is The Whitsundays. This is little bit expensive destination but at least once it should be visited. It is one of beautiful island. Here you can hire a boat with skipper which will take you to ride of paradise.

Last but not the least is Tasmania. This place is missed by many tourists because this is considered as island off mainland. You can have fabulous walks here, enjoy tranquil beauty. Here you can enjoy tasty food and wine.