Top 10 Tourist places to visit in Malaysia

Top 10 Tourist places to visit in Malaysia

Malaysia is most attractive tourist place in the whole Asia which attracts tourists from different countries. When tourists visit Malaysia then will be bestowed with hospitality and friendly nature of the local people. While visiting Malaysia, people should take experience of all best places and popular tourists’ destinations. Here you can see the list of most favourite ten tourist destinations of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur:

This place is got rich heritage with modern culture. This is only global city of whole Malaysia. This is located at the bank of river Sungai Klang and Sungai Gombak.


This city is located at West Coast part of Malaysia. This is also very rich city in terms of heritage and culture. Here tourists can experience mixture of Chinese and Malay culture. This is the reason why we can see lots of Chinese business people here.


Another popular tourist’s destination is Penang. This is a nice place which shows the combination of western and eastern culture. Tourists like this place because of culinary delights. Here you can get Malay and Indian cuisine. Here you can also find ancient architecture which is Chinese made. This displays a true combination of Asian and British culture.


Another place which attracts tourists in Malaysia is Sabah. This place attracts tourists with its presence of beaches and islands. This place is also considered as paradise for nature lover. Tourists can go for trekking and enjoy it at the peak. This peak is of Mount Kinabalu. Even Sabah is also home for Kinabalu Park. This park is considered as United Nation’s Heritage Sites.


One more major attraction for the tourists in Malaysia is Langkawi. Main attraction of Langkawi is rain forest. This place always attracts foreign tourists more. Nature reserves these rain forests here with wide variety of fauna and flora. These continue to attract tourists throughout the world.


This place of Malaysia is most popular for its serene beauty. This is one of small state in Malaysia. Rural beauty and paddy fields makes this place very attractive and more picturesque.


Sarawak is a tourist place which is identified as land of White Rajahs. This is the largest state of Malaysia. Visitors who really love nature and would like to do adventure for them Sarawak is the best place to visit.


This place is located at the centre of Malaysia. Main place of attraction here for tourists is Ulek Mayang. Apart from this you can also find beaches, islands and small villages here which make this place more beautiful.

Nageri Sembilian:

This is a federation made from nine states. This is situated on the Southwest part of Malaysia. This is most popular Malaysian tourist destination because of its natural beauty.


Kelantan is a place which is surrounded by many fishing villages and beautiful beaches. This place attracts many tourists from all over the world.

Malaysia is paradise which attracts tourists from the whole world because of its natural beauty, attractive nightlife, very good shopping experience, festivals and skyscrapers.

Image credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ