Top 10 Places to visit in Brazil

Top 10 Places to visit in Brazil

BRAZIL flagBrazil is a place where you should let your hair down and be ready to let the Brazilians show you the time of your life. The sights and sounds are amazing, the people are lovely and the language is beautiful. A few places that you should make your way into when you are in the beautiful country are detailed below:

1) Fernando de Noronha: The most beautiful beaches in Brazil can be found in Fernando de Noronha. The good thing is that the island can never get too crowded as only 400 tourists are allowed to visit the island at a given time. The island is a treat to the eyes and a poultice for the senses. It’s secluded, sunny and a great getaway from the hustle bustle of city life. Surrounding the beaches are a few rocky hills that should be trekked and when you reach up you will find tiny collections of water that are scattered all across the hills.

2) Porto de Galinhas: If you are in Brazil to relax and forget your worries, you have to make it a holiday that is spent on the beautiful beaches basking in the sun and enjoying the surf. The beaches at Porto de Galinhas are known to be absolutely spectacular and if you are in Brazil, leaving the country without visiting its many beaches would be an absolute sin.

3) Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro is a large city and has a mix of absolutely everything. You have to spend at least a week in this city. From fine dining restaurants to a colourful nightlife to complacent beaches and lush greenery, every kind of traveller will find something to fancy here in Rio de Janeiro.

4) Pantanal: Pantanal should be a part of your itinerary when you visit Brazil because it will provide you with more opportunities to explore wildlife than you will get even at the Amazons. The lush greenery that is home to many a species is breathtaking and is a must visit if you are in love with nature.

5) Bonito: Water sports are a lot of fun. And if you are in the mood for some diving and snorkelling there is no better place to explore the ocean than to go snorkelling a Bonito. The locals are great and will charm you with their hospitality.

6) Salvador:
 Old cathedrals here in Salvador are a must visit if you want a sneak peek into the cultural heritage of Brazil. It is one of the oldest towns in Brazil and is a must visit.

7) Rio Grande do Sul: This region is known to have a lot of German and European influence. The Brazillians here are light skinned but the hospitality is the same as you will find anywhere else in the country.

9) Sao Paulo: One of the most urban cities in Brazil is Sao Paulo. You could skip the city if you are not in the mood for a urban holiday. The city is not well kept and like any other big city is dotted will tall buildings and sky scrapers. One must visit this city to note the stark contrast with the other towns in the country.

10) Amazonas: When you are in Brazil, you cannot leave without a journey into the Amazons. Go fishing for piranhas and you may be lucky enough to catch sight of some amazing pink dolphins while you are there.