Top 10 places to visit in France

Top 10 places to visit in France

If you are a person who really loves exploring new travel destinations, then France is one of the best places for you. It is a place which is a combination of history, culture, tourist spots and traditions.

The Eiffel Tower – This is one of the pioneer landmarks which is built and designed by a person named Gustave Eiffel. This was actually built for French Revolution anniversary in the year 1889.

Rhone Alps – This is considered as picture perfect area of France and it is named after the famous river called Rhone River. You can also view beautiful scenery of mountain range of Alps. This is best place for adventure lovers and naturalists. It is also a place for many different adventures sports like hiking, river rafting, skiing, horse riding, bungee jumping or whitewater rafting.

The Louvre Museum – This is located in Paris which is perfect tourist destination of France. This is divided in to seven different parts in which Louvre is considered as great museum in the world. Here we can find much type of art forms which are from Rome, Egypt and Greece.

Musse d’Orsay – While taking a walk from Louvre Museum you will finally reach a place called Musee d’Orsay. This is place where one can find classic modern art. This place is a house of some finest impressionists.

Notre Dame Cathedral – This place is a must see place of France. In the entire Europe, this is considered to be most attractive cathedral. This place is having amazing towers, spire and stained glass. Construction of this cathedral has almost taken 100 years to finish.

Sorbonne University – People who are interested in higher studies, this place have produced some of great scholars, philosophers and thinkers in the world. You can spend very good time by enjoying sightseeing to this university.

Arc de Triomphe – You should not forget to see Arc de Triomphe which stands almost 164 foot tall. This is created by Napoleon I. This inspires majesty which reflects the power of military and it is a sign of victory.

The Palace of Versailles – One more place to visit in France is The Palace of Versailles. This is a masterpiece of France which has classical architecture of France. This palace has got beautiful interior which should be visited at least once.  You should also visit Queen’s Apartment and Hall of Mirror here.

The Coast of French Riviera – France has got a very long coastline. That’s why it is ideal place for many beaches. These are some of great place where you can enjoy different kind of water sports. French Riviera house is considered as one of the best beaches in the whole France.

Fontainebleau – This is a great place to explore for those people who really loves nature. This place is a heaven to different fauna and flora. Here, Fontainebleau is considered as best National Park in France. This place has also got beautiful Fontainebleau Palace. This palace is considered as royal hunting place once in previous time.