Top 10 places to visit in Singapore

Top 10 places to visit in Singapore

People who have never visited a beautiful island of Asia called Singapore then they should consider visiting the same. This is very Small Island which has got everything to offer. Singapore government is continuously spending lots of money behind tourism and they are trying to make it a best family vacation spot in Asia. Here is a list of top 10 and most popular places which should be visited in Singapore.

Trip to Singapore River

You can take a bumboat to travel this beautiful river. On this trip, you can have a look at Singapore’s present and past both at same time. During this boat ride you can also see some of the Singapore’s best architectural landmarks.

Ethnic Quarter Walk

If you are interested in understanding any nation then you should first understand their people and about their culture. Best way to do this in Singapore is you can go for an ethnic walk. To make this walk more fruitful you can hire a guide so that they can tell you about history, facts and about the culture of Singapore.

The Science Centre

Science Centre is another place of Singapore which is new generation museum. It is purely a centre of science and technology. Here, you can acquire all kind of scientific knowledge with lots of practical experience. You can also try Omni-Theatre for very good cinematic experience.

Sentosa Island

This is one of Singapore’s popular resorts where everybody would like to visit. You can spend the whole day here by visiting many attractive places. Here you can find two different kinds of museums, dolphin lagoon, different beaches and three excellent hotels. This place can surely give you and your family a thrilled experience.

Asian Civilisation Museum

This is one of best dramatic museum. Here you can see some of priceless masterpieces divided in 10 different galleries. This can be a best place where people can really appreciate art, history and culture.

Jurong Bird Park

This park is having world’s largest collection of birds which displays the birds in their natural settings. This contains more than 8000 different kind of birds of more then 600 species.

Singapore Zoological Gardens

This place attracts many visitors which has got one of world’s open zoos. This zoo had won many tourism awards. This is place which should not be missed while you are travelling with your children.

Singapore Night Safari

This is world’s first wild life century park with night vision. It is a winner of Singapore Tourism Awards more than 6 times.

Clarke and Boat Quay

This place becomes alive only in the night time. Here you can have a choice of pubs, restaurants and many clubs. All these are located along Singapore River. You can take a walk at the river and try different dishes and make your trip more memorable.

Botanic Gardens of Singapore

People who are nature lover, for them this is a great place to visit. This is a garden where you can look at array of botanical attractions with beautiful collection of plants.

Image credit: Mac Qin