Top 10 places to visit in Switzerland

Top 10 places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is a best place in the world which offers good opportunities for visitors to travel. This place is full of beauty, culture and history and lots of other attractions. Here is a list of top 10 places which every tourist should visit when they come to Switzerland.


Basel is great place to visit in Switzerland. This city is distributed in two main area called Little Basel and Great Basel and these are separated with Rhine River. Both of these areas are connected with six bigger bridges. In Basel people can view different historical buildings.

Bern, capital city of Switzerland

Bern, capital city of Switzerland. Here Einstein has concluded his mathematics formulas. This is also known as birth place of chocolate called Toblerone. Even Swiss cheese is also invented in this city. Bern is also city where you can see towers, fountains and sandstone buildings.


Another unique place to visit in Switzerland is Zermatt. This is a place where you can do skiing in the month of summer. Visitors can easily explore the whole Zermatt ski resort by foot. Here you can view old streets with lots of restaurants and shopping places.


Geneva, another place to visit. This is a city where most of the world organisation’s head offices are situated. Here you can also find world tallest fountain. You can also visit History Museum and different cathedrals. There are many rose gardens which can make your trip memorable.


Zurich is called historical, cultural and financial city of Switzerland. This city is also collection of world’s largest museums and attractive art galleries. Here you can also find old towns which are collection of restaurants and shops.


Lucerne is a place of Switzerland which combines stunning pictures. Here you can find all the streets with paved streets, myriad of hotels and lots of historical buildings. In this village you can also take a tour of Chapel Bridge.

Lake Lugano

Another best area of Switzerland is Lake Lugano which is popular for its soft climate. Visitors can have many opportunities to be explored. Tourists can visit mountains and different types of Italian types of villages where you can enjoy shopping and excellent food at restaurants.


Another cultural and historical place of Switzerland is Altdorf. This place is connected with William Tell Story. This was an old story which was of the 14th century.

St Gallen metropolis

One of more charming attraction is St Gallen metropolis. This place has got Baroque Cathedral which has also got Abbey Library which famous. This town is also mainly focused on economic science.

Chatteau de Chillon

Another must see attraction of Switzerland is Chatteau de Chillon. This place is stunning and beautiful where tourists can reach by taking a bus, boat or by taking a bike. Here you can see a building which is of 13th century and it is well preserved castle in the world. This place is protected by different mountains from one side and waters of Geneva Lake on the other side. Tourists can take personal tour with a guide which can show you all the parts here. You should not forget to visit dungeon here.

Image credit: Dennis Jarvis