Top 10 Places to visit in USA

Top 10 Places to visit in USA

USAIn the current economic conditions it is very difficult to find vacations with family. Here is a list of top 10 family vacation spots of USA. These are considered as extra ordinary travel places to be visited with family.

Walt Disney World is fantastic place to enjoy vacation with your family. It has got 5 theme parks, water parks and much more. This place is having something for everyone. It is very neat and clean place which is laid with many places to have break and your meal.

Alaska Cruises can offer you one of finest vacation experience with your family. It is a place which gives real value for your money. With this you can easily travel to many ports-of-call.

Yellowstone National Park is one of finest national park to visit. This park is having many different type of scenery which you have never seen before. You can see lots of wildlife here.

Hawaii is a beautiful chain of islands which is made for tourists. Here tourists can find each island different from others. You can also have a look at active Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Some of the attractive beaches to be visited here is Oahu and Maui.

Another excellent family destination in USA is Washington DC. This place is totally filled with lots of monuments like the White House, the US Capitol and Smithsonian. Here, visit to all these places are totally free of cost.

Another family place to visit is Bandera, Texas City. Here kids will love different scenery of cowboys and horses. This is highly recommended place to enjoy family vacation in USA. You can enjoy your day here with horse riding, trail rides and by doing fishing.

In the entire US, Destin Florida is one of most popular and beautiful beach. Destin is a seaside town which is located at the eastern part of Pensacola of Florida. Here you can find sand in attractive white color and the color of the water is blue.

Hershey is a small town located at the east of Harrisburg which offers great vacation options. This town is totally decorated with different candy light poles and one can easily smell chocolate in the air. In this place there is also nice amusement park located which is called Hershey Park.

If you and your family really love history then you should surely visit Boston. This place is having some of great museums like the Museum of Science and Boston’s child museum. You can also take a visit to Freedom Trail and Faneuil Hall. These two places can offer a complete view of history of Boston.

Another great city where you should surely take your family is Seattle in Washington. Here, the downtown area is so beautiful which offers some great sites like the Space Needle or Pike Place Market. Here you can also enjoy underground tour which shows complete city from the bottom side. Even you should not forget to visit campus of Microsoft Company here.