How to Travel Abroad as a Vegetarian

How to Travel Abroad as a Vegetarian

Eating forms a crucial aspect on any trip. One the fun things we do on a holiday is trying out new foods. But if your lifestyle choice is limited to being vegetarian, things might become a bit trying.

Many cultures lean towards vegetarianism, but some are primarily meat eating places. Each country has their own special vegetables that they grow. Do some research and see how the eating trends are in that place. Check what kind of food is regular there. If it is a non-English speaking country, get the names of the foods. This will help you when you are ordering or asking about the ingredients of a particular dish. There are several guides available online that can you out.

Speak with the hotel authorities of where you are planning to put up. See what options you have there. Even before you embark on the trip, gather a list of vegetarian restaurants. If your hotel is not too veg-friendly or if you do not want to eat there everyday, try and organise your hotel near these restaurants. Also, if you are a student and are being hosted by an organisation, let them know too.

When dining, if you find a dish you would like to try but has meat, you can try this out. This would be best if the meat is not central to the dish, such as pasta or rice. Ask the maitre de whether he can substitute the meat with a vegetable. Chances are they will oblige you. You can try this with stuffed dishes too like capsicums and tomatoes. They can be filled with cheese or mushrooms. Similarly, you can pick that salad and make it to a full meal by requesting more ingredients in it. Splash on some innovative sauces.

Another good idea is to make and carry your own sandwiches. This way you can experiment with new breads and local dressing while sticking to your safe veggies. You can ask the locals as to what kind are popular there. You could end up making some new favourites.

If the duration of your trip is long, then you could try getting an apartment with a kitchen. You could also opt for a hostel with a community kitchen. Whipping up easy dishes like noodles and pasta could be done here.

If vegetarianism is a choice by religion, then it is best that you choose a destination that caters to your need. Think well in advance if you want to visit a place where meat is the primary staple. If it is a brief holiday of 2-3 days, then you may be able to subsist on breads and rice. But if it is a longer stay, then revise your destination.

Most cities have the franchise of Subway for sure. If nothing else works for you, their Veggie Delite will.  Having said that, try and be more flexible. If you are thrilled at the idea of visiting a remote country, you should be prepared to forego your usual tastes and be adventurous.

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