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Top 10 Places to visit in Britain

Top 10 Places to visit in Britain

BritainPeople can find many different types of wonderful and entertaining places which can be visited in Britain. It is highly recommended to visit the following 10 places to be visited in Britain. Travelling to UK is always at its best.

First place to be visited is Cornwell which is very famous for attractive coastline, charming villages, mines of tins and moorland. Fascinating lights has attracted many artists to Cornwell from many years. Apart from London there are lots of artists working in Cornwell. This is more than other countries of UK.

Second destination is Pembroke shire which is located in South West Wales. This is full of mystery and magic. There are lots of pre-historic monuments available here to see. It is very famous for the scenery of coastal area and beaches.

Third place to visit in Britain is Snowdonia. It is located in North Wales and it is famous for its mountain scenery. Snowdonia is considered as the highest mountain in Wales.

Fourth destination is called English Lake District. This is located in the North West area of England. This destination attracts lots of visitors then other travel destination of UK. This is considered as honeypot for tourists because of its natural beauty with lots of lakes and mountains.

Scottish Highlands is the fifth destination located in Northwest Scotland. This is very much famous for its attractive scenery and whisky. If any visitor wants to move away from all then they should surely visit Scottish Highlands which well known for its beauty.

Next destination which is least visited is Northumberland of UK. This is considered as hidden jewel of the England. It is very quiet and beautiful place with its attractive coastlines. It is best place for walking and cycling. There are some good castles to be visited in this area.

Seventh destination which is to be visited in Britain is Norfolk Broads. This place is known as network of lakes and rivers and it is located at the East coast of England. It is a home of very rare and beautiful fauna. It you really love water then this is great place to visit because here you can mess around boats with open skies.

Cotswolds is another attractive destination of UK which is designed with natural beauty and located at the heart of England. This place is popularly known for its cottages which are colored with honey and limestone hills. This area is at the corner of England and it is ideal place for horse riding.

Now Forest is another area which was formerly known as royal hunting place. This is a place to visit in Southern part of England. Its landscape is surrounded with ancient forest. It is an area which is mostly loved by horse riders and cyclists.

Yorkshire Dales is another place to be visited in Britain which is an area of natural beauty and it is located in northern part of England. It is also great place for outdoor pursuits. This is one of finest area for those who loves mountain biking.